All About Workers' Compensation Insurance

Along with our traditional line of workers' compensation coverages, Salmeri Insurance Agency provides a large deductible workers' compensation coverage plan for its large and safety conscious customers. This plan provides statutory workers' compensation coverage for your employees while allowing you to significantly reduce workers' compensation costs. Continuing Salmeri's leadership in business protection, the large deductible plan has been quickly recognized by members outside of the forest products industry as an innovative policy.

At Salmeri we realize that a solid partnership is built around good communication. Your access to management and field representatives is a top priority. Together we work for successful claims resolution on your behalf.

Your Salmeri team consists of specific adjusters, along with a support staff, to personally handle your claims. We offer easy nationwide, toll-free telephone access to an adjuster. Saving time and money, you also have the option of using Salmeri's fax service to further simplify and expedite your claims reporting.

Professional Claims Personnel

• Salmeri adjusters, supervisors and managers have an average of ten years of experience and training. They seek to deliver the best possible recommendations and settlements on your behalf.
• To produce better claims control, we strive for low case workload so our staff can maintain direct contact with employees, employers and providers. This allows for effective strategies to be properly developed.
• For added expertise and access to experts, our support staff includes claims counsel, medical-only specialists and on-staff nurses. Independent adjusters and outside attorneys are used where needed, leaving our adjusters the time to do what they do best - adjust your claims.
• A strong supporter of professional development and continuing education, Salmeri encourages and offers on-going training opportunities for our claims staff. Special training in communication and claims management skills provides our staff with the most up-to-date claims service techniques to effectively manage your claims.

Effective & Efficient Cost Containment

Whenever appropriate and available, the following programs help Salmeri more effectively manage and control your medical costs:

• We take a proactive approach to managing claims and conduct a review of fee schedules, usual and customary charges and correct coding of medical bills to assure appropriate charges.
• We employ utilization reviews on appropriate cases to determine the appropriateness and length of care for injured employees.
• Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) facilities and providers are used, whenever available, to provide you savings that are based on our pre-negotiated terms.
• Pharmacy PPO cards are provided for quality service and price control.
• Non-PPO hospital billings are screened by our staff to assess need for audit and on-site reviews are performed when needed.
• We promote pre-certification for planned hospital admissions to accurately determine medical necessity and length of stay. This heightens your awareness of both cost and time perspectives of medical treatment.

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