Salmeri Insurance has a long association with the land, and we understand the protection needs of agribusiness, which are often more demanding than for other people. We have developed a simple, yet comprehensive package which covers the most common policies your agribusiness requires. We can then help you choose the options most suited for your particular operation.

You simply select and pay for what you need, and if your needs change your policy can be altered at any time.

Options include:
Buildings and their contents
Plant and machinery
Public liability
Hay and harvested crops
Spoilage of refrigerated produce

If you want to protect your income from the damage caused by fire or hail to your crops, then a Salmeri policy makes good sense.

The policy includes cover of crops while they are growing in the paddock or being harvested. It also covers grain and seed while being stored on your property through to delivery to the nearest silo or siding.

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